Today was pretty easy, I rarely felt hungry and managed to go over the target exercise calories so currently on track to burn 10500 this month. 

Poached egg + beans - 265 cals
Banana - 105 cals
6 Slices of Ryvita - 210 cals
130g Tuna - 137 cals
Mayonnaise - 80 cals
70g Weetabix minis, chocolate chip - 271 cals
100ml semi skimmed milk - 50 cals

Total: 1108

An okay day which would have been even better without the 50g of carbs from the weetabix minis, really need to stop buying them. They are always my downfall.  

Exercise wise I done the 30 day shred (level 1) and 300 cals on the cross trainer.


The first post of hopefully many in my slim diaries! 

Since January 2012 I have lost a total of just over 11.5lbs taking me from 141lbs to 129.4lbs, that was completed incredibly slowly and the majority of that was between July and August with around 7lbs lost in this period. Now I am looking to step it up in 2013 with more weight to lose but this time the main goal is to get fit! 

My lowest ever weight was a few weeks ago and once then again before I was pregnant, 128lbs. I have always struggled to get past this.

My ultimate goal is 112lbs and I will be splitting this into two stages - 120lbs then maintain for a period of time to ensure it stays off then the last 8lbs.

I will be doing this through a combination of calorie counting, 1100-1200 per day and exercise. 

I need to make long term changes to my diet, after a few weeks of using My Fitness Pal to track my food I have noticed the huge number of carbs I eat and this is primarily through cereal! This will be one of the main issues I will be looking to address, less cereal! I thought a great way instead of just recording everything in My Fitness Pal I would also take a photo of everything I eat which will hopefully stop me eating things I really shouldn’t! 

My January exercise goal is to burn 10500 calories (so approximately 3lbs) and this will be done over the next 27 days (389 cals per day) using the cross trainer, the 30 day shred and possibly Jillian Michael’s 6 Week 6 Pack if I can fit it in. 

According to My Fitness Pal if everyday was like that I would weigh 120.2lbs in 5 weeks (9th February 2013) and goal one completed, just like that! 

Starting weight: 5th Jan - 129.4lbs

I’ll be posting updates weekly but no doubt I will be on the scales daily, it’s a terrible habit!  

Before pictures, both around 129/130lbs